Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Sweet Milo flying an airplane in his Le Top outfit :)
Special thanks to Frank, who just recently sent us an update on his second grandson Milo. Here is what Frank says: "I'm hoping to make a pilot out of Milo and so far he seems to like airplanes - Yeah! I've attached a photo of him that I took this morning in his new Le Top ready for takeoff outfit." Thank you Frank for the sweet picture! Milo seems to be a happy little boy :)
A Basket of Cutness - Blue Check Knicker Set with Suspenders
Beautiful Kamiiya in her Susanne Lively Lime Petal Dress!
Sweet Lil' Kamiiya in her Susanne Lively Lime Petal Dress looks like a princess! Thank you to Kamiiya's daddy for submitting this lovely photo of his precious daughter! We love it!
Reese in his Tiger Toto Knits Sweater
Look at Reese all snugly and cute having oodles of fun in the leaves! His Tiger Cardigan almost blends in with the colors of Fall :) Thank you to Julie and Tim, Reese's parents for submitting this sweet picture!
Heather in her Toto Zebra Sweater
Heather enjoyed playing in the leaves in her Zebra Hooded Cardigan by Toto Knits! Her mom says the hood and the tail are her favorite parts :) Julie, Heather's mom also tells us she received plenty of complements on this Zebra sweater!
Cute Tiger Sweater by Toto Knits
This little boy is a big fan of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger so you can only imagine how much he loves his tiger sweater! Thank you to Jeanne Marie, Gabriel's mom, for sending this adorable photo to us! Here is what she says in her e-mail: "Hello, please find attached a photo of my son in his Tiger Toto Knit Sweater. He absolutely loves this sweater, and it is even cuter in person than I could have imagined from the photos on the website. He was so excited to see the sweater, he wanted to wear it when it was too warm. When he did wear it out a few evenings ago, he didn't want to take it off. He says he looks like Tigger, because he loves Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger is his favorite character. I think his favorite feature is the tail! The sweaters are just so adorable, it was hard to pick one, but I think the tiger was the best choice for him."
Christopher in Zutano Orange Check Shirt and Bow Tie
This Zutano orange check shirt was an adorable outfit for pumpkin picking! Paired with a bow tie, the outfit looked so sharp on Christopher! It's made of cotton knit, giving it a comfy casual feel with the look of a special occasion fashionable outfit!
Little Oscar in his Nautical Romper
We would like to thank Keri, Oscar's mom for submitting this photo for Best Dressed Tot's photo gallery. This picture was taken on Memorial Day. Oscar is in the arms of his Great, Great Uncle, Gordon Patterson who is a WWII Navy Veteran. Keri told us that Oscar's Uncle ADORED this sailor outfit on him! We are not surprised, because Baby Oscar looks adorable!
Caroline and Brody with their Grandpa!
Little Miss Caroline (15 months) and her little brother Brody (7 months) did an amazing job at the family photo shoot with their grandpa who is a Senior Chief in the U.S. Navy Reserves. In their Rare Edition nautical outfits they created not only a lovely family portrait, but also unforgettable memories!
Lovely Family Photo!
Best Dressed Tot would like to thank Joy for submitting this lovely family photo of her husband, John, who is a Senior Chief in the U.S. Navy Reserves and her two grandchildren: Caroline & Brody. No wonder Joy has a soft spot for nautical outfits!
This Lil' Pumpkin is not for sale!
Mini Pumpkins $0.75 each; picture - priceless!
The most adorable Lil' Pumpkin in the pumpkin field!
4-month-old Maggie is the cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! Looking nothing short of adorable in her Pumpkin outfit by Mud Pie!
Sweet Ladybug!
Lucas Future Pilot!
Frank, Lucas's Daddy says: "Thought you would like to see Lucas one year later in his new outfit from bestdressedtot. Still smiling and still giving us tons of joy. We love him so much! Seems to like trucks more than airplanes right now, but I'm working on that!"
Olivia in her Rabbit Moon Outfit
Sweet Olivia looks snug as a bug in her Rabbit Moon romper!
Adorable Anna Grace in Her Sailor Outfit!
Miss Anna Grace is looking simply adorable in her Rare Editions Sailor Capri Outfit! Her Mom added some creative touches, adorning the outfit with patriotic decorations. Anna Grace won the 'BEST DRESSED' category at the pageant she attended.
Lucas - Future Pilot!
Little Lucas is a PILOT IN TRAINING! I bet this cute smiling face brings a lot of joy! Keep smiling Lucas! Lucas is wearing Good Lad PILOT Corduroy Overall Set.
"Shaelynn is the best gift I have ever had!"
Thank you for this precious picture!! "Purchased when I was 6 months pregnant, I could not wait to get this on my baby girl! So in her closet it stayed till she was 3 months old, and it was Christmas Time. It was a hit, everyone loved it, and asked where I had gotten it! I have to admit, Shaelynn is the best gift I have ever had!"
Handsome Aidan In His Handsome Good Lad Outfit!
What a Handsome Little Lad! Dressed in his Christmas outfit by Good Lad, Aidan is ready to see what surprises Santa left for him!
"I'm being shipped where?" - Ethan In His Sailor Suit
Donna, Ethan's grandmother, thought her grandson would look cute in a sailor suit. Oh boy was she right! Just look at this adorable little boy in his navy sailor outfit! Here is what Donna says: “Christmas morning trying on for size, we decided to return and get 24mo, to get more use . He was adorable in this outfit. I'm glad I found your company on the web.” Ethan is wearing a Rare Editions Navy Sailor Suit with Hat.
3-Week Old Partick In His First Sailor Suit For Easter
Patrick's mom Kellyn, shared a picture of her gorgeous baby boy in his first sailor suit. Patrick was only 3 weeks old at the time. The combination of a sweet little boy and a cute sailor outfit by Petit Ami gave a birth to a 'picture perfect' memory that Patrick's family will cherish forever!
Lydia Looking As Cute As A Doll In Her Fleece Coat
Janet is a frequent customer of ours who visits our website in search for cute outfits for her granddaughter Lydia. Janet says: “We loved everything we bought for our granddaughter! Dressed in her black fleece coat and hat by Good Lad, Lydia looks as beautiful as a doll. I bet the coat kept her warm too!
I'm Not Afraid Of Santa!
The Christmas dress that Lydia is wearing is one of the outfits that her grandmother, Janet purchased from Best Dressed Tot. You must admit she has good taste :) - Lydia looks super adorable in it!
Grayson Loves To Dress Up!
Let us introduce a sweet little girl named Grayson. She has a beautiful smile and taste for funky clothes! Here is what her mom says: “She loves clothes and gets so excited when the UPS truck comes with another cute outfit from Aunt Tassel. “ Grayson is pictured wearing her Hot Pink Funky Flower Dress & Tights Set by C'est La Vie.
5-Week Old Roco Looking Snug As A Bear Cub In His Snowsuit!
5-week old Roco in Tahoe wearing his snowsuit from Best Dressed Tot! Roco looks like a tiny bear cub all snuggled up in his snowsuit by French Toast! It looks like the snowsuit did its job and kept him toasty. Stay warm Baby Roco!