We want all the floral prints!

I don’t know about you but in the summertime I love to wear dresses to stay cool  but still  look put together. Dresses are a secret weapon for dressing our girls to stay cool and look adorable in the summertime. Nothing says summer ( or spring) is here like a floral print. Whether big or small, on a skirt, a dress or a top, or even on swimwear, florals are the way to go for our little girls! I think your  girls will also agree!

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Who’s that girl?

We all want our  girls to stand out from the crowd.. (for all the right reasons, of course!). Dressing up and stepping out on the town with family and friends makes kids , and moms and dads feel good too!  But what’s the point of looking good if it won’t  last? Fast fashion is not the answer.. so let’s get into what really matters-  Old school hard  work , and of course heart and soul.

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Washing Toddler Clothes

Baby Laundry 101

Many new parents ask the same question, what is the best way to wash your baby’s clothes? Baby clothing requires frequent washing due to accidents, messy eating, and playing outdoors, which leads to stain and odors and shortening the life of the clothing. Here at Best Dressed Tot, we have come up with a basic guide for the best ways to get your baby’s garments really clean so that they will last, all while protecting your child’s sensitive skin.

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