We all want our  girls to stand out from the crowd.. (for all the right reasons, of course!). Dressing up and stepping out on the town with family and friends makes kids , and moms and dads feel good too!  But what’s the point of looking good if it won’t  last? Fast fashion is not the answer.. so let’s get into what really matters-  Old school hard  work , and of course heart and soul.

I can’t put into words how Italian quality is superior, but we can try! Everyone knows it, but what makes it so different? The answer is passion, tradition and hundreds and thousands of years of craftsmanship.

We just love the brand Miss UNike’s attitude and Italian style. From the  bow  accents  to the vibrant colors and plaids, this brand keeps girls looking their best  without breaking the “piggy bank”!

Our favorite is the “Miss Anna bow top” paired with the “Miss Anna plaid and leather skirt”.  Perfect  for holidays, school pictures, a family party or just a dinner out!

So, in a world full of cheap, fast fashion, why not stand out from the crowd and buy products that are “prodotto in Italia! 🇮🇹